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Location:California, United States of America
I am over the age of 18. You will find adult content & discussions on my journal.


This journal has been friends only for years, but I've recently decided to start making public posts with photos and music I like -- we'll see what happens.

I find the majority of my photos on Tumblr and they all get dumped into a folder without
labels. If you see a photo that belongs to you, please send me a PM and let me know if it needs crediting or if you'd like it removed.
My objective is to share the pretty things I find with my friends, not offend anyone.

You're welcome to friend me, but I like to know people before I friend them back. :)

Please don't leave mean comments in my journal, or say hurtful things to the people who comment here.
Many of them have been friends of mine for years and I'd like this to be a place where they feel comfortable to express themselves without prejudice.






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The Harry Potter F/O banner on my user page was made by [info]draconis23

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